People helping people.

Get help with volunteering services and other needs like medication, food & water, shelter, and more via needs-focused message boards in your area.
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OpenCrisisBoard is an open-source platform that builds community resilience.

Connect with people in your community to request/offer volunteering services (think grocery delivery for elderly) and other needs like Medication, Food & Water, Shelter, and more.

The primary goal is for it to be a good source of important information for communities. The secondary goal is to connect users amongst questions and needs that government services currently does not account for, such as volunteer-based child care (in a safe way) as well as food and medical supplies.

OpenCrisisboard was designed to work for any community. You can create a board for yours today.

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Recently active crisis boards

Seattle, WA
East Los Angeles, CA
Williamsburg, NY
Edison, NJ
Long Beach, CA

Some ideas on how you can help

Together we can pull everyone through. Here are some ways you can get involved in your community by creating boards

  • Build a board focused on housing availibility
  • Build a board focused on volunteering in an area
  • Build a board to stay updated on community information via SMS
  • Build a shared research board for researchers

You can deploy your own board in your neighborhood

Deploy your board via Github